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Postnatal Care

Q1. How much rest should I take after delivery?

For initial 6 weeks , take as much rest as possible and avoid strenuous work specially lifting, straining and pushing.

Q2. What diet do you advise after delivery?

Light diet as advised on first day, normal diet may be resumed from the 2nd day. Diet should contain adequate Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins & plenty of fluids.

Q3. How can I avoid Constipation after delivery?

A diet containing sufficient roughage and fluids is enough to move the bowel. Mild laxative like Isabgol husk 2 tea spoons with milk may be taken.

Q4. When will I resume my periods after delivery?

The onset of menstruation following delivery varies considerably from one individual to another and is influenced by lactation. In non-lactating mothers menstruation usually returns between 6 and 12 weeks following delivery. Menstruation in lactating mothers is often suspended as long as breast feeding is continued.

Q5. What is afterpains?

After pains is the spasmodic, intermittent pain felt in the back and lower abdomen. It is due to vigorous uterine contractions, often felt more frequently while breast-feeding. It can be effectively controlled by analgesics & antispasmodics.

Q6. How should I take care of my Episiotomy wound?

Episiotomy should be cleaned each time following urination and defecation by swabbing with cotton swabs soaked in antiseptic solution followed by application of antiseptic ointment for at least 2 weeks after delivery.

Q7. When should I start using contraceptive methods?

It is important to know that you can became pregnant before your periods start, so proper contraceptive methods should be used 6weeks after delivery.

Q8. When can I start breast feeding my baby?

You should start breast feeding the baby as soon as possible. Initially the secretions are thin & colorless which is known as colostrum which is very nutritious and it should never be discarded.

Q9. When can I start intercourse?

Intercourse can be started two weeks after delivery but it depends on women’s desire & comfort.

Q10. Give me some advice regarding breast care?

Use tight breast support. Breast should be washed with water & mild soap before and after each feed.

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